Globis Consulting

Our Focus: Market entry consulting

With offices in Germany and Austria we have a focus on these markets. Nevertheless, we also offer research and consulting services with respect to other market. Our services include:

  • Analysing market potential and opportunities in Germany, Austria
  • Finding the best approach to enter the German and Austrian market
  • Distributor selection in Germany and Austria
  • Starting and growing a business in Germany and Austria
  • Organizing and staffing a business in Germany and Austria.

Latest News

Iran’s Automotive Industry | 2014 – 2020 | Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

17. September 2014  |   Redaktion

Until the beginning of 2014, Iran was a market not accessible for almost any Western market player – regardless of the industry. With sanctions imposed on Iran over the Iranian nuclear activities, almost all Western companies withdrew from the Iranian market. For many players in the automotive industry, particularly the French OEM, this led to […]

Selling to Germany

05. September 2014  |   Redaktion

Germany is an attractive market, given its size and the spendings of its consumers and businesses. For many foreign businesses setting up a legal and organisational presence in Germany is no option. Still, the potential of the market is probably too interesting to pass on Germany. The options to do this do not differ from […]

Libya: Automotive Market Research Report 2013 – 2020

04. March 2014  |   Redaktion

With the revolution that led to the fall of the Gaddafi-regime, foreign investors have become aware of Libya as an attractive place for investment. In fact, Libya is the wealthiest country in North Africa and the only one with a constant budget surplus. Through its oil-resources Libya has a very good position to generate cash […]

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